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MiCURA Sake brewing Moromi Day 10 / MiCURA 醪10日目(酒造り13日目)

泡の大きさがやや大きくなりました! ささいな差かもしれませんが、毎日見ているとわかります^^ 3日と比べるとわかりやすいです。   the size of the foam got slightly larger! It might be a tiny difference, but you will notice that if you check it every day. The difference is clearer when compared with the foam from 3 days ago.

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MiCURA Sake brewing Moromi Day 2/ MiCURA 酒造り4日目 醪2日目

泡なし酵母なので、泡が全面を覆うことはなく、カニ泡(蟹が吹く泡)のような細かい泡が点在しています🦀 Since we’re using non-forming yeast, the surface of moromi is not covered with foam but fine bubbles like “Kani-awa(カニ泡)”, literally means crabs bubble (crabs bubble at the mouth) appear in places.

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