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今この時代に、わざわざ自家醸造をする意味とは Why we bother to do HOME BREW in this MODERN AGE?

酒造りとは、目に見えない微生物という生物の営みに、視覚・嗅覚・聴覚・触覚・味覚の五感を研ぎ澄まし、 その文化的にして科学的、そして神秘的な現象にひたすら耳を傾けること。 Sake brewing is to solely appreciate the cultural, yet scientific and mysterious phenomenon: To feel the workings of the invisible living things, microorganism, with your sharpened  5 senses… sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. 

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酵母も米も精米歩合も同じ!仕込み配合の違いだけで酒はどう味わる?How different the taste would be ? Same in the yeast and rice, but different in the formulation ratio.


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出来立ての酒粕、見たことありますか?Have you ever seen “FRESH” Sake-kasu?

搾りたての粕は、お豆腐のように自然な白色をしています。The color of fresh Sake is natural while like tofu. Though sometimes it is slightly amber colored just like Sake originally was.

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