Sake brewing is like playing musical instruments; it is FUN itself.

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Seriously, you can make DELICIOUS Sake with MiCURA. The first sip of super fresh NAMA-SAKE would make you want to share it with your loved ones! (or to keep to yourself).

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※Our products are also available for customers live in Japan, however home brewing is  prohibited in Japan so refrain from using them inside Japan. 


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What is MiCURA ?

MiCURA is the world's first and only brand of sake home brewing kit that realized authentic sake home brewing easy and simple.

You can make 2ℓ of Junmai Ginjo Sake (60% rice polishing ratio) in about a month.


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Our Philosophy

Sake brewing is like an orchestra of microorganisms, where alcohol, sourness, sweetness, umami, and aroma are produced by the various actions of yeast, koji mold, and other invisible microorganisms.

Sake brewing is about directing these microorganisms. We nurture them by providing them with pleasant and sometimes harsh environments, sometimes drawing out their power, sometimes suppressing it, and sometimes adjusting the microorganisms' power to achieve the desired flavor.

Inside the tank, many things are happening simultaneously, such as saccharification, alcohol fermentation, and the production of flavor, acidity, and aroma, and the taste can vary greatly depending on what action is taken at what stage of the process. The basic ingredients of Sake are rice, water, and koji, but the interesting thing about Sake is that even with such simple ingredients, a variety of flavors can be created depending on how it is made.

Brewing sake is like playing a musical instrument, which is fun in itself.

Sake breweries are professional musicians, so to speak, but musical instruments are not just for professionals. 

Music is not only fun to listen to, it is also fun to play by yourself.

Also, by trying it yourself, you can appreciate the beauty of professional music. And sake - it' s great to drink, of course - but it will be more interesting if you can make it by yourself.

Under this philosophy, we are developing this MiCURA®︎ Sake home brewing kit.