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※Our products are also available for customers live in Japan, however home brewing is  prohibited in Japan so refrain from using them inside Japan. 

Our Philosophy

Sake brewing is truly the orchestra of microorganisms. Alcohol, acidity, sweetness, Umami, aroma.. all these things are produced by Various action of invisible microorganism such as Yeast and Koji Yeast. 

Sake brewing is to lead those microorganisms. The conductor’s job is to lead them to the target flavor…. At times bring out their power and at times suppress it by giving them comfortable environment and harsh environment on occasion. 

There are various works have been performed simultaneously in parallel within a tank; saccharification, alcohol fermentation, producing umami, acidity and aroma etc… And taste various depending on what, when and how the operation has been performed. 

Though the ingredients of Sake is quite simple… Rice, water and koji… but various flavor are created and therein lies the beauty of Sake. 

Sake brewing is like playing musical instruments; it is fun itself. Kuramoto(Sake brewer) is, so to speak, a professional musician, however instruments are not just for them. 

Music is pleasant not only listening but also playing by yourself. Also, you can appreciate the magnificence of professional music if you have an experience of playing. 

This is true of Sake too.  Sake could be more fun making by yourself as well as drinking. 

MiCURA "Kotohajime" Ver 1.1

You can make 2ℓof Ginjo Sake (60% rice polishing ratio) in 33 days.