For MiCURA MEMBERS (Repurchase Customers)

How do I become a member of MiCURA ClUB?

All Starter/Complete sets come with a membership card.
When you receive your membership card, send your membership number and the name of the person who will become a member to the email address provided to complete your membership registration.
There is NO membership fee.
Membership Benefits

1. Technical Support 

2.Always bring you the latest version.

If we have updated the "How to brew MiCURA" document since your last purchase, we will enclose the latest version of the "How to brew MiCURA" document for FREE.

3.You will receive a NEW Sake Bag for FREE around the time of the change.

Refills do not come with a sake bag, as the sake bag is reusable. However, we will give you a new sake bag for FREE depending on the number of times and volume of your order so that you can replace it after about three uses.

4.Substitute buying service (NO commission fee)


For OUR MEMBERS (Customers who have already purchased Crisp or Mellow)

If you have previously purchased the Complete set of Crisp or Mellow and already own the container that comes with it, we recommend NANA Starter set.