Kotohajime means to getting started, a beginning.

It is Junmai Ginjo (60% rice polishing ratio) brewed in three stages, a basic technique for sake brewing.
"Crisp" is the classic Junmai Ginjo. "Mellow" is a unique one. Semi-sweet, plump and full body. 

In "Crisp" and "Mellow", the yeast and rice (polishing ratio and type of rice), which are the two main elements that determine the taste of sake, are intentionally kept fixed. Only the formulation (ratio of koji, rice and water) and fermentation period are changed.

・Even if the ingredients are the same, the taste of sake varies greatly depending on how it is made. In this series, you can experience the fun of sake.

・If you are new to MiCURA and just want to try one first, we recommend you to start with the standard one, "Crisp". 

But if you are ambitious, I guarantee you will have so much fun brewing "Crisp" and "Mellow" at the same time and experience how the flavors are developed!

"Crisp" and "Mellow" share the same "How to brew MiCURA" document, so if you purchase the Crisp (Mellow) Starter/Complete set, you can use the Mellow (Crisp) Refills.