Heart-enriching experience

Fermentation is an action of invisible living things: Microorganism.

And the product: Sake (Sake mash), changes and grows every day. 


We often hear MiCURA members (our customer) say “It’s like raising a child.”  I think it is exactly right. 

Fizzy, bubbling sounds, appearance of the bubbles, feeling of Kai-ire (stirring) as well as the beautiful aroma and flavor etc….

One of the greatest pleasure of home brewing is this heart-enriching experience: Feel the change and grow of your baby Sake with your 5 senses every day.  

Sake tasting

The flavor of Sake varies depending on which part the Sake has been squeezed out; first part, middle part and the last part. 

The flavor being different depending on the part and the pressing(squeezing) method is one of the greatest enjoyment of Sake making. 

However, comparing the taste of the different parts of Sake from the same tank, that kind of experience is not really something you can have.  

But you can in home brewing!  



The “tank” you made is yours. How much you taste, how to press Sake or whatever, it is all up to you. 

(In the case of Sake brewery liable to taxation, the tax of moromi (Sake mash) in the tank is unpaid yet. So strictly speaking, tasting the moromi is tax evasion.) 

How about having homemade Sake tasting party inviting your family and friends? Isn’t it the perfect way to spend your holiday?

Our Sake bag is made of the same material as that of used for fukuro-shibori of premium Sake and specially made in home brewing size. 


Why we bother to do home brew in this modern age? 

How different the taste would be ? Same in the yeast and rice, but different in the formulation ratio.