Fune Shibori -Use press tool-

If you're going to make Sake more than just once, I recommend buying a presser. It will make the pressing process much smoother. Also home-brewing becomes even more fun with it as it allows for an authentic pressing(Shiori) that is comparable to “Fune-shibori”. 


What is Fune shibori?

Fune Shibori is a traditional method and mainly adopted for premium Sake.
Moromi is placed into sake bags and laid in a rectangular box called “fune”. 
By pressing the moromi by its own weight or by applying pressure from above, Sake comes out of the funaguchi (the hole at the bottom of the fune) and the sake-kasu remains in the Sake bags.

You can keep the freshly-squeezed sake fresh by filling the bottle with ice, as in the “Tobin-dori" style. 

Press tool 
Recommended equipment for advanced users