Q1.What if I get lost while making Sake?

MiCURA provide our members the technical support that you can ask questions whenever you need.  

The support is a privilege given to our members.

Please feel free to contact us if you have anything you don’t understand.


Q2. I’m worried if I can make Sake because I’m busy and rarely at home.

MiCURA Kotohajime was invented to realize fun and simple home brewing of Sake.

For Sandan-shikomi, the first process of the first few days, the temperature control is required. But for the next 1 month, Moromi can be kept in the refrigerator and does’t have any particular work to do until the pressing day. 
With MiCURA, even a busy person make Sake.

Since moromi changes every day, you can fully enjoy making Sake even just checking it once a day when you’re home.


Q3. I tasted my moromi too much everyday. I’m worried if it remains till the pressing day.

I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do about it.

But, it is the privilege of home-brewers to taste moromi as much as you like!

(In the case of Sake brewery liable to taxation, the tax of moromi (Sake mash) in the tank is unpaid yet. So strictly speaking, tasting the moromi is tax evasion.)

You should openly enjoy the privilege! Just you’d better make more next time.
We have the refill for our members too 😊