Recommended equipment for advanced users

Small-sized Refrigerator

If you are to brew Sake more than once, it will definitely be better to have small-sized refrigerator exclusive for moromi (sake-mash). 

If you are going to use a container attached to MiCURA Complete set, please make sure that your refrigerator has storage space larger than 10in×10in×10in. 


For reference (Japan)


For reference (U.S)


Useful functions/features for your moromi room

・The front door is transparent that you can observe moromi with the door closed.
・temperature display 
・Temperature control system (It’ll be great if it can control the temperature between 42~60℉)
・some extra space on in height so you can place moromi in sake bag with a weight on it at the last stage of “shibori(pressing). 


Press tool 

In “How to brew MiCURA”, I explain fukuro-shibori (shizuku sake) style and using a weight method. But you also can try “Fune-shibori” style using a press tool.

You may use press tool after collecting shizuku sake too.
When you purchase a press tool, don’t forget to check the size. Moromi is about 1.6 gallon.

like this one (U.S)