We have distributors in these countries/areas. If your delivery address is in one of these countries/areas, we recommend that you purchase from a local distributor.

We are also looking for distributors in different countries and areas.

The lineup of MiCURA products is different in each country, so please contact each distributor for details.
(Some products are only available at MiCURA Online Shop.)


Hong Kong 🇭🇰

 MiCURA's Hong Kong Distributor: 清酒駅 SakeStation


Hong Kong's No.1 Sake Online Shop

Purchase MiCURA from 清酒駅 SakeStation 




Australia 🇦🇺

 MiCURA's Australia Distributor: Koji and co



Purchase MiCURA from Koji and co

"Koji and co is a project based in Melbourne, Australia, making traditional Japanese Koji fermentation more accessible, with a focus on using local ingredients.

We manufacture Koji-based products such as Miso, Shio-Koji and Dried Koji for restaurants, cafes and bars in Australia and we offer a range of workshops and experiences to share the wide-ranging usage of Koji." 



Singapore 🇸🇬

MiCURA's Singapore Distributor: Epicurean nomads pte ltd



Purchase MiCURA from Epicurean nomads pte ltd

"Importer & Exclusive Distributor of rare Japanese Sakes, Craft Beers & Boutique Wines"

Austria 🇦🇹

 MiCURA's Austria Distributor: SAKE no BA


Purchase MiCURA from SAKE no BA


Yuri Iwata 
SAKE no BA Managing Director 
 “SAKE no BA online shop presents mainly sake and shochu, only carefully crafted, high quality products are imported directly from Japan.
We have one of the widest ranges of sake in Europe, which can be combined with not only Japanese food, but also with Asian, European and international cuisine.
We are delighted to share the voice of Japanese craftsmanship and the love for their work."

the United States 🇺🇸

MiCURA's US Distributor: Mutual Trading Co., Inc.