Development plans for MiCURA

[Rice] Who doesn’t like tasting Sake different in rice? We will prepare various rice different in rice polishing ratio, type and area etc…

[Type] We’re working on developing method of producing different types of Sake and unique ones like fizzy nama-zake that only home brewers can enjoy. 

[Yeast] We develop method of producing Sake with different Sake yeast and different yeast such us wine yeast. 

[Pressing] Taste of Sake differ largely depending on pressing method. Though in MiCURA “kotohajime Ver 1.1, we prepare sake bag actually used for fukuro-snibori method of premium Sake, we’re also studying other pressing method which can be executed at home brewing.

[Temperature control] Temperature control is one of the most difficult part in home brewing. We are studying on simple temperature control method for home brewing. 

[Component analysis] To make higher quality Sake, we will adopt component analysis method of moromi available at home brewing level. 

[Tools] We will prepare Sake tools that make home brewing more delightful such us wooden barrel and kai (stirring tool) . 

[Model] MiCURA “kotohajime” Ver 1.1 is an entry model which omit shubo and koji-making process. We will develop more advanced model which include koji-making using koji yeast and shubo-making.