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MiCURA Sake brewing Moromi Day 13 / MiCURA 醪13日目(酒造り16日目)

櫂入れは毎日する必要はないのですが、櫂入れの感触で、米の溶け具合などが観察できます。  なにで毎日軽く櫂入れしていると、手の感触を通じて醪の日々の変化を知ることができますよ😊 You don’t need to do Kai-ire every day, but you can observe the condition of moromi; how much the rice has been dissolved, by the feeling of kai-ire. So you can actually perceive the change of your moromi through the feeling in your hand if you do kai-ire every day. 

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MiCURA Sake brewing Moromi Day 10 / MiCURA 醪10日目(酒造り13日目)

泡の大きさがやや大きくなりました! ささいな差かもしれませんが、毎日見ているとわかります^^ 3日と比べるとわかりやすいです。   the size of the foam got slightly larger! It might be a tiny difference, but you will notice that if you check it every day. The difference is clearer when compared with the foam from 3 days ago.

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