MiCURA Sake homebrewing -Tips of pressing- / MiCURA 搾り -搾り作業のヒント-









エントリーモデルであるMiCURA Kotohajime Ver1.1 では、鑑評会出品酒など高級酒に用いられる「袋吊り」を自家醸造向けにアレンジした搾り方を採用しました。


I dont think many people have pressing machine and bottling equipment in their house. 

In home brewing, we take various means utilizing limited facility. 

Especially in the pressing process, some creativity is required. 

In MiCURA, we experimented various way of pressing. 

For the entry model, MiCURA Kotohajime, we adopted  Fukuro-shibori style, which is often used for premium Sake for a contest, arranged  in home brewing style. 




Wrap it up and leave it in the refrigerator for half a day→Squeeze the Sake bag more tightly, turn it around and leave it again for half a day, then repeat the process to let the Sake accumulate at the bottom of the container.