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MiCURA Sake homebrewing 2 TYPES Moromi DAY 2 /MiCURA 日本酒自家醸造 2種 醪2日目

留仕込み後1、2日はお米が水を吸って膨らみ、まるで3合の米を4合分の水で炊いてしまったときの柔飯のようです。 ご飯にしては柔らかすぎるし、お粥にしては固すぎるし水分量がすくない。   For a few days after Tome-shikomi, the rice has soaked up the water and looks like a failed steamed rice I messed up the proportion of the water. Too soft as a steamed rice but too hard and too little water to be called as a rice porridge.

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MiCURA Sake brewing 2 TYPES Naka-shikomi /MiCURA 日本酒自家醸造 2種 仲仕込み

▼仲仕込みから12時間後の櫂入れ ▼12 hours after Naka-shikomi. この動画の12時間前は、こんなことしてました ▼ 12 hours before the video was taken, I was doing... ▼       ▼材料投入 ▼Charing the ingredients.       ▼よく見ると、Mellowのほうが麹歩合が高く、汲水歩合が小さいのが分かります。 ▼When you look closely, you can find the Mellow has higher ratio of Koji (whitish rice is koji) and smaller ratio of water.      ▼留仕込みまで静置 ▼Leave still till Tome-shikomi.       

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酵母も米も精米歩合も同じ!仕込み配合の違いだけで酒はどう味わる?How different the taste would be ? Same in the yeast and rice, but different in the formulation ratio.


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