MiCURA Sake homebrewing 2 TYPES Moromi DAY 2 /MiCURA 日本酒自家醸造 2種 醪2日目


▼Right after Tome-shikomi.






For a few days after Tome-shikomi, the rice has soaked up the water and looks like a failed steamed rice I messed up the proportion of the water.

Too soft as a steamed rice but too hard and too little water to be called as a rice porridge.




▼A day after Tome-shikomi


It also can by said at "Moromi Day 2" because the day of tome-shikomi is count as the first day of 醪日数 (moromi-nissu/the number of moromi days). 




You might become worried to find that the moromi has little liquid part, but this is the correct state at this period.

It will get watery from now on.











This time, I purposely left Moromi at rest for 2 days after Tome-shikomi and didnt do Kai-ire(stirring) till the 3rd Day.

The formulation of “Crisp” is rather standard, while that of “Mellow” is  special; the ratio of Koji is larger and  the ratio of water is smaller. 

 You can see the color is already different. Mellow is slightly umber colored while Crip is more like white.  


Still, both smell like steamed rice.