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・DIifferent from doburoku and bodaimoto/mizumoto, you can make authentic Junmai Ginjo Sake(60% rice polishing ratio) using special koji and rice for ginjo.

・Our Sake bag is made of the same material as those used for Fukuro-shibori of premium Sake and specially made in home brewing size.

・You can learn how to arrange your Sake in various ways, such as making it into a sparkling(e.g. Kassei Nigori), different methods of pressing, and with or without hi-ire (pasteurization).


KOTOHAJIME SERIES has s a choice of 2 types of rice for Koji(Yellow-koji): "Yamada-nishiki", which is often used for premium Sake and is called “the king of Sake rice”, And "Gohyaku-mangoku", a representative variety of light and dry sake.

*Kake-rice of all products and White-koji of NANA are 100% Japanese grown Rice. 


・MiCURA is designed for authentic yet simple Sake home brewing. It removes the process of making shubo and instead uses a “kobo-jikomi" technique.

・The rice and koji are specially processed and can be used directly without steaming.

・The rice and koji are pre-measured, so all you have to do is open the bag and pour the contents into the container.

・The container* is the perfect size for MiCURA moromi that it will take up minimal space in your refrigerator.

・The mouth of our Sake bag perfectly fits to the container that one person can easily perform the pressing process.

*Containers are included in the complete set. One is for moromi and the other one is for shibori (pressing).


・You can observe the fermentation process from all sides.

・It's so much fun watching moromi changes day by day.

・You can enjoy the tasting of moromi (Sake mash) and super fresh nama-zake straight from the tank, something only home-brewers can enjoy. 


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sake home brew

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Only the Complete Set comes with containers. 83% of customers choose the complete set.


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