MiCURA Sake homebrewing Pressing/ MiCURA 搾り -酒袋に醪を入れる-



MiCURAの酒袋は、実際に高級酒の袋吊り(袋しぼり/雫取り/斗瓶とり/雫酒とも)に使われる素材を使った、home brewingサイズの特製品です。


Its SHIBORIpressing) at last! 


Our Sake bag is made of the same material as that of used for fukuro-shibori of premium Sake and specially made in home brewing size.


MiCURA Kotohajime Ver 1.1 C (コンプロート セット)には、透明容器が2つ付属しており、一つは醪用、そしてもう一つが搾り用です。




2 acrylic container are attached to MiCURA Kotohajime Ver 1.1 C (Complete set) ; One is for moromi and the other is for shibori. 


The attached container is useful when you pour moromi into the Sake bag; You can hang the bag mouth on the edge of the container. 




Like in the video, use a cup at the beginning, and when the remaining moromi become low, grab the container and pour the moromi in one go. 




When you finish pouring....