MiCURA Sake homebrewing Pressing -Arabashiri- / MiCURA 日本酒自家醸造キット 搾り -あらばしり-







One of the greatest pleasure of making Sake with MiCURA is that you can taste all different potions of Sake that come out when squeezed. 


The first part, free flowing sake that runs off only with its own weight is called Arabashiri. This part is tend to become fragrant, wild, fresh and  little clouded.



















The flavor of Sake varies depending on which part the Sake has been squeezed out; first Part, Middle part and the last part. 

The flavor varies depending on the pressing(squeezing) method, which potion of Sake it came from etc.... And it's definitely one of the greatest enjoyment of Sake making. 


However, comparing the taste of the different potion of Sake from the same tank, that kind of experience is not really something you can have. 


But you can in home brewing!