MiCURA Sake homebrewing 2 TYPES Moromi DAY 7 /MiCURA 日本酒自家醸造 2種 醪7日目

最初はMellow のほうが溶けが早く、湧きも早くてプクプクと発酵も旺盛のようでしたが、今はCrispのが盛り上がっています(発酵の状態と、嵩が)


Earlier, Mellow seemed to be more active than Crisp. The rice was dissolving faster and the moromi was bubbling up with gus. 

But today, Crisp looks more lively








After Kai-ire, the liquid level of moromi went down as the gas escapes by stirring. But an hour later, when I checked the moromi again, the liquid revel already backed to the same level or even higher.




▼Just after Kai-ire