MiCURA Sake homebrewing 2 TYPES Moromi DAY 5 /MiCURA 日本酒自家醸造 2種 醪5日目


The rice gradually began to dissolve. Kai-ire is much smoother today than Yesterday. 






Since Mellow has low fluidity as it has smaller ratio of water, the surface is covered by rice and looks quiet. 

But when I do Kai-ire, I felt Mellowis more active than Crisp. Also the rice is dissolving faster, as it has larger ratio of Koji.  



▼櫂入れ前(左:Crisp   右:Mellow)

▼Before Kai-ire(Left: Crisp   Right: Mellow)



▼櫂入れ後(左:Crisp   右:Mellow)

▼After Kai-ire(Left: Crisp   Right: Mellow)












Koji-yeast is a living thing and the enzyme is a substance, a type of protein produced by Koji-yeast. 

And it is this enzyme that has the power to convert the rices starch into sugar. (I will tell you more the details later) 

And Sake-yeast, which cannot use starch nor protein, uses the sugar produced by Koji to produce alcohol (fermentation). 

Beautiful Ginjo aroma drifted in the air when I took off the cover of moromi. 



▼Close up of Crisp