MiCURA Sake homebrewing Day 2~3 Odori / MiCURA 酒造り 2〜3日目 踊り




MiCURA Kotohajime Ver 1.1のように2日間踊りをとることを「二日踊り」といいます。


The day leaving moromi untouched, waiting for the growth of yeast, is called ”踊り(odori)”

Usually, Odori is about a day or so, but when the brewing style is unique, or depending on the situation, Odori can be longer.

Taking 2 days for Odori like our MiCURA Kotohajime Ver 1.1 is called  “二日踊り(Futsuka-odori)”, literally means 2 days Odori.  


優しく櫂入れすると、 ガスが抜けてしゅわしゅわと音がしますね。







Moromi looks higher and expanded its volume because the carbon dioxide gas pushes up the rice.

When stirred gently, Moromi makes fizzy sound as the gas escapes. 

carbon dioxide gas is generated with alcohol. 

Saccarification enzyme of koji converts the rice starch into sugar, and the yeast eats the sugar to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide gas (alcohol fermentation). 

The process of gently stirring the moromi to make the contents uniform is called “荒櫂(Ara-gai)”.