MiCURA Sake homebrewing 10 hours after Soe-jikomi / 添仕込みから10時間後




This  picture of moromi  is 10 hours after Soe-shikomi, before Kai-ire (stirring). 

Though the rice has swollen with water, the grain shape is maintained, so the appearance is more like Risotto rather than Rice porridge. 



↓The change is obvious when compared with the picture just after Soe-shikomi.










先日中国の旧正月の時期には、正月に搾れるよう酒を仕込んだというシンガポールのメンバーの方が、皆お揃いの赤い服を着てご自身で造った酒で乾杯する写真を送ってくださり、とっても嬉しかったです♪( ´▽`)


Sometimes I receive a message from our member (customer) who were surprised by the change saying that 

The rice absorbed water and the moromi seems too dry… 

But no worries. It is a normal progress. 

We give our members the MiCURAs support address where they can contact whenever they need a support, 

It is one of the greatest pleasure for me as a developer to communicate with various members all over the world through Sake brewing. 

The other day, in Chinese New Year season, a Singaporean member who made Sake to drink on New Year send me a picture of him and his family all dressed in red toasting Sake brewed by himself! 

He really made my day😊