Sake brewing is like playing musical instruments; it is FUN itself.

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Seriously, you can make DELICIOUS Sake with MiCURA. The first sip of super fresh NAMA-SAKE would make you want to share it with your loved ones! (or to keep to yourself).

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※Our products are also available for customers live in Japan, however home brewing is  prohibited in Japan so refrain from using them inside Japan. 


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What is MiCURA ?

MiCURA is the world's first and only brand of sake home brewing kit that realized authentic sake home brewing easy and simple.

You can make 2ℓ of Junmai Ginjo Sake (60% rice polishing ratio) in about a month.


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Our Philosophy

Brewing sake is truly an orchestra of microbes. Alcohol, sourness, sweetness, flavor, scent...and all kinds of other things are born out of the work done by invisible microbes like yeast and koji mold. It's those sorts of microbes that take command when brewing sake. By giving those little guys a comfortable environment, and with sometimes putting them in harsh environments, it nurtures them, sometimes draws out their power, keeps them in check, and even adjusts their strength. Doing that brings out the intended flavor.
Inside the tank, tons of different things are going on at the same time like starch being converted into sugar, alcohol fermentation, and the creation of the flavor, sourness, and aroma. Depending on how you change things up at a given stage will greatly affect the taste. The basic ingredients of sake are rice, water, and koji mold, but although these ingredients may be simple, what makes sake so fascinating is that all kinds of flavors can be produced depending on how its made.
Brewing sake is similar to playing a musical instrument, and it's a fun thing to do all by itself. You could liken a brewery to a professional musician, but instruments aren't just for professionals. As well as listening to music, what also makes it fun is when you try to play something yourself.
And when you try it out yourself, that makes you realize just how incredible professional music is. Similarly with sake, making it yourself could be even more fun than just drinking it.
This kit was developed with those sorts of thoughts in mind.