Recommended combination for reducing shipping fee

Since MiCURA include lots of rice which is heavy and bulky, it inevitably costs shipping fee. 
However, we worked out to make the shipping fee spend by our customer as low as possible by arranging the size and combination of package considering different rate systems vary by shipping method and area such us domestic/International shipping, EMS and Economy Airmail. 

The following are recommended combination for reducing shipping fee. 


Japan (Domestic Shipping)

Purchasing up to 3 Starter Set together at a time reduces shipping fee. 

Ex) Shipping fee of Tokyo per package

Purchasing 3 set together | 337 JPY

Purchasing 2 set together| 505 JPY

Purchasing 1 set| 800 JPY




Japan / International Shipping
 When purchasing 1~2 Refill, You will be better off (No extra shipping fee for Refill) ordering together when purchasing Complete Set. 

Ex) Shipping fee of Tokyo 

1 Complete Set |               1010 JPY (10 USD) 

1 Complete Set + 1 Refill | 1010 JPY (10 USD)

1 Complete Set + 2 Refill 1010 JPY (10 USD)

1 Refill only |                    800 JPY (7.2 USD) 

2 Refill only |                    1010 JPY (10 USD)




Ex) Shipping fee of North America

Purchasing together is ...

1 Complete Set + 1 Refill | 18USD cheaper (EMS)

1 Complete Set + 2 Refill | 36USD cheaper (EMS)

1 Complete Set + 2 Refill | 11USD cheaper (Economy Airmail)

than Purchasing separately.




Since rate system of international shipping is based on the weight of the package, the combination which can benefit from bulk purchase is limited.

However, as for several order of light package, we worked out to reduce the shipping fee as much as possible by purposely packaging the products individually to use cheaper plan for small package.