MiCURA Sake brewing Moromi Day 3 / MiCURA 醪3日目(酒造り6日目)


Rice is dissolving more and viscous thin skin forms on the surface. 

Continuously, Kani-awa(カニ泡)”, literally means crabs bubble (crabs bubble at the mouth) appear in places.



Here is a close-up picture. 








Since the gas has been generated inside glutinous moromi, the feeling of kai-ire (stirring) is fluffy…like putting a spoon into a soufflé.

When you taste the moromi, it has a gentle sweetness. 

In addition to the aroma, flavor and appearance, you can observe the change of the moromi such us the degree of how much the rice has been dissolved from the feeling of everyday Kai-ire.

Isnt it amazing to imagine that Toji (a chief brewer at a sake brewery) of other days when there were no scientific analyses like today available was making Sake relying on his five senses?  



After Kai-ire, moromi looks like Amazake (a sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice)



When I looked it again a few hours  after, Moromi has expanded and Kani-awa(カニ泡)has appeared in places again.