MiCURA Sake brewing Moromi Day 13 / MiCURA 醪13日目(酒造り16日目)


Though the foam appeared on the surface of the moromi was once disappeared by Kai-ire,  more foam have appeared a day later.



Close up





You dont need to do Kai-ire every day, but you can observe the condition of moromi; how much the rice has been dissolved, by the feeling of kai-ire. 

So you can actually perceive the change of your moromi through the feeling in your hand if you do kai-ire every day. 



Also, tasting the moromi every day, I can feel the alcohol feeling is increasing while sweetness is decreasing. 




 The fermentation style of Sake is called multiple parallel fermentation”; Saccharification (convert rice starch into sugar) by Koji and alcohol fermentation (convert sugar into alcohol) by yeast occur simultaneously in the same tank. 

In Sake brewery, the brewer analyses moromi every day and control the temperature considering the balance between saccharification and alcohol fermentation.